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Who We Are...

Turning An Idea Into Reality

Members of this group have been conducting outreach on a volunteer basis for many years, but the need has grown. Homeless issues cannot be solved with one general plan. The current enabling is keeping people where they are, holding them down in life. We believe the missing piece in our city’s current efforts is the lack of successful outreach based on human connection. Our mission is to use outreach to help people on the street get into a shelter, rehab, detox, or mental health treatment. This will hopefully guide them in reconnecting with friends and family. We believe that connection is what is truly needed – connection with each and every person to learn who they are and what they are personally struggling with in their lives. As a result of these efforts, we have improved, and will continue to improve, our entire community for each and every individual who lives here, works here, and desires to have a safe place to raise families.

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Point of Contact was formed by a group of locals who came together with a shared interest in bettering our community. Simply put, our focus is on outreach: something we are passionate about, committed to, and believe should be happening more. 

Fundamentally, we see outreach as meeting people on the street where they are and how they are, and then placing our efforts on developing human connection as a means of positively supporting them to become the best they can be. We strongly believe in offering a
hand up, not a hand out.


  "Act as if what you do makes a difference.


 - William James

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