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Board Members

Laurie headshot.jpg

Laurie Maloney

Executive Director

Laurie  Maloney has spent her entire life as a member of the Chico community and she has made that very community the center of her life’s focus and work: helping others. While co-chairing one of the Boys and Girls Club’s earliest major fundraising events, she became aware of just what a gracious and giving community Chico is to those in need. While working at The Jesus Center, Laurie realized her passion was serving the homeless, addicts, parolees, and anyone in need of help who wanted to help themselves. Her formal association with the Center ended and she became a “freelance social worker”. She consults with state and local legislators, educators, businesspeople and citizens in general to spread the word. From the homeless, to addicts, to parolees, to veterans, Laurie’s passion is that they all matter, and often a single “hand up,” not a “hand out,” can get them to where they need to be. Laurie’s tireless efforts have earned her Senator Nielsen’s 2021 Women of the year award along with the Chico Chamber of Commerce Community Service award. She has now joined forces with a group of like-minded community members, who share her same passion, to create the Point of Contact non profit. With this program she along with her other founding members will be able to reach the most in need

within the Chico community.

Jody Gallaway

Board President

Jody Gallaway has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Biological Sciences from California State University, Chico. She is a business owner and resident of Chico for more than 40 years. In her professional career, Mrs. Gallaway has worked as an environmental consultant specializing in compliance with State and Federal environmental regulations.  Part of the work involves negotiations with agencies to resolve violations and remediate environmental impacts. Working as a specialist in environmental policy Mrs. Gallaway has provided extensive guidance to policy makers, business sectors, and the regulated public. Her work has resulted in expert witness testimony before the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Watching our community change, including the degradation of our waterways, and lives drastically impacted by failed government polices has resulted in a strong desire to help people get back on their feet. Using skills learned in business, Gallaway will assist  Point of Contact in their  a mission of helping people with a philosophy of pragmatic solutions, one person at a time.

Jody Gallaway headshot .jpg
Shannon McGovern profile pic.jpg

Shannon McGovern


Shannon McGovern is the Regional Community Affairs Specialist in Northern California for California Water Service (Cal Water), where she is responsible for the planning, development, and direction of Cal Water’s local government and community relations efforts in 8 Northern California districts, including Chico and Oroville. She is a member of the company’s Critical Incident Response Management Team, and coordinates advocacy, community outreach and giving.

She has been with Cal Water for 5 years.  Prior to that she held positions in external affairs in the telecommunications industry, and has also served on the staff and committees for several state and federal elected officials.

She brings more than 20 years of experience working closely with governments and community stakeholders, and has extensive non-profit experience that includes all levels of governance and development.

Shannon currently serves on the board of the Downtown Chico Business Association, and on the advisory board of the Greater Sacramento Boys and Girls Club, is a Past-President of Junior League of San Joaquin County, and is a Senior Fellow with the American Leadership Forum.  She is a member of the Chico Chamber of Commerce Legislative Action Committee, and a member of the Butte County PIO collaborative.  She and her partner, Sylvester Aguilar, have seven grown children between them, two of which are proud CSU Chico graduates, and seven grandchildren that warm their hearts every day.

Shannon believes that by serving, we are served, and that service is

its own reward.

Ben Headshot .jpg

Ben Heinrichs

Board Member

Ben Heinrichs: Originally from San Jose, CA, Ben Heinrichs moved to Chico in 1997 to attend Chico State University. After graduating, he began a career in the mortgage industry and also started a family. He now enjoys raising his kids in Chico - loving the small town vibe it offers. Ben has two children which he loves spending time with vacationing, cooking and playing with their dog Steph. Ben has also spent several years coaching and serving on the board of Chico’s various youth sports organizations.

Recently Ben has been involved in philanthropy throughout the community and was already doing some of the same work that POC is involved with. He has helped Laurie, our executive director with various projects over the years so he is a natural fit for our board.

Sergio photo.JPG

Sergio Martinez

Board Member

Sergio is a local business owner and lifelong resident of Chico. But like most, life didn’t start out as beautifully as one would wish for. During his time of destruction, he took so much from this community and ultimately, ended up committing an assault with a deadly weapon and served 5 years in state prison. Sergio has now been home 8 years and finally found the opportunity with P.O.C.  to give back in a much needed and positive way. With his history and hands on experiences, you could say Sergio beat the very odds that he is now trying to guide people out of. Things are often made more complicated than they should be, and with motivation, guidance and the right resources he truly believes anyone can get to where they need to be, no matter how an individual’s beginning started. GOD has truly gifted Sergio with a way to connect and communicate with anyone from our local youth to our long-lost homeless community. With his experiences he is determined to educate those that may be lost while showing them that there is indeed a better way. 

brandi photo.jpg

Chico is Brandi's hometown.  She has always felt lucky to be born and raised in the charming town of Chico. Like everyone, she loves the park, the history and the sense of community.  Chico was a town where everyone knew everyone, and no one locked their doors.  Like you, she wants Chico to have the sense of community it once had.   Brandi was inspired by Laurie Maloney to join Point of Contact and help the homeless community get the services they need rather than enabling or ignoring the problem.  She is dedicated to get Chico and its citizens on a path to success. 

Brandi Laffins

Board Member

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